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Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway!

This is your opportunity to train one on one with Natural Mr. Olympia and enjoy the beautiful weather of Tampa, Florida all in one exciting weekend. The Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway will include a Nutrition Seminar as well as three days of training with Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen. When you are not training or attending the Nutrition Seminar, you will be able to enjoy the warm sunshine, beautiful beaches and all the other attractions offered in Tampa as well as nearby St. Pete and Clearwater, Florida.

The Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway will be offered only on selected weekends during 2012 and a limited number of people will be allowed to sign up for each class. You will be given the opportunity to learn first hand from one of the top fitness and Natural Bodybuilding experts in the world. It’s one thing to read a book or an article and quite another to get this professional advice in person. John will watch your exercise form, evaluate your physique and help you to achieve the most from your workouts and your diet so you can make the maximum progress in the shortest time possible.

Fitness Getaway  Fitness Getaway  Fitness Getaway

The Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway Itinerary

Arrive in Florida and meet John at the Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa for a Nutrition Seminar. You will also receive a Personalized Training and Nutrition Program that John will design specifically for you before you arrive. You will also receive your own Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway T-shirt, your own personal Workout Journal and a copy of John’s best selling book, “Natural Bodybuilding.”

Day One of Personal Training with John. You will spend one hour of training with John where he will watch your form to make sure that you are getting the most from your workout. Have all your questions answered and get the most from your workout by training one on one with Natural Mr. Olympia himself.

Day Two of Personal Training with John.

Day Three of Personal Training with John.

All the training sessions will take place in the morning and early afternoon so you will have the rest of the day to enjoy Tampa, Florida and all of its beautiful attractions. Make plans to spend a long weekend in Tampa, Florida and train one on one with Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen. Pick the best weekend that fits your schedule from the ones listed below and book your trip today. Each class will be limited to only 4-6 individuals (men and women).

You cannot replace experience when it comes to learning how to be the best at something. My extensive experience in training and competition will help you to learn the best method for reaching your fitness goals in the shortest time possible. Why waste valuable time learning how to be your best when you can learn so much in only one weekend? Plus, you will have the chance to get away for a long weekend and enjoy the Florida sunshine during your Fitness Getaway.



Testimonial from Eugene Toye, who traveled from New York, New York to Tampa, Florida to train with John in October of 2011:
"I have been an avid weight trainer for over 20 years and when it comes to training at the gym, I take my workouts VERY SERIOUSLY. When I first met John Hansen, you can see he is the embodiment of natural bodybuilding, health and fitness. He definitely practices what he preaches and knows exactly what he is talking about.

John had put together a nutritional and training program suited to my specific goals and explained everything in great detail. I spent 3 days training with him and picked his brain with every question I can think of. He taught this "old dog" some new effective tricks and I plan on making frequent trips back to Tampa to train with him.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up or pack on the muscle, John Hansen has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve all your fitness goals."

         - Eugene Toye - Fitness Getaway, October 2011 - Tampa, FL



Testimonial from Brenda Rodriquez, who traveled from Chicago, Illinois to Tampa, Florida to train with John in February of 2011:

"John Hansen is an encouraging, thorough, and meticulous coach and guide. He encouraged me gently, but with strictness and focus. John is much more than a personal trainer - he is a master, a sensei of his craft - bodybuilding and strength and fitness development. His years of experience make him a very insightful, informative, and disciplined trainer. If you are looking to reevaluate your training program, interested in a training program that presents results, John is only choice. He will ensure that your training is effective and efficient. Together you will review proper lifting technique, and you'll be reminded about and guided in proper form. Together you will work to strategically address and analyze your weaker areas. John expects and demands the best from you, your intensity and focus -- you will follow a plan to intensify your workouts and stimulate your muscle development and shaping. As a female I feel strong while maintaining my feminine lines, as a result of John's guidance. Choose John and expect to work hard, learn new techniques for tweaking your training and approach, and ultimately making a commitment to meet your fitness and bodybuilding goals. John, thanks for helping me establish a new set of goals nearly 20 years later! "

         - Brenda M. Rodriguez - February Intensive Training, 2011 - Tampa, FL

The total cost for the Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway is only $495.  This includes:

• Three days of training one-on-one with John Hansen (each training session is approximately one hour)
• A Nutrition Seminar
• Your very own Personalized Training and Nutrition Program
• Your own Training Journal
• A Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway T-Shirt
• A copy of the book “Natural Bodybuilding."

NEW! Available Weekends for the Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway

November 15-18, 2012 

December 13-16, 2012 

January 10-13, 2013 

February 7-10, 2013 


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Your participation in the Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway will include a free membership to the gym during your weekend in Tampa. The Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa, Florida is located at 1120 E. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33602. For more information on the Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa, call 813-229-1900 or visit their website.